Meg Patterson, MFT         Meg Patterson, MFT

Avoiding Ethical Pitfalls
in Depth Psychotherapy

6 CEUs | Online

Complex intrapsychic and interpersonal processes have allowed our clients to stay hidden away from the pain of early relationships. Without resolution, distressing symptoms persist. Their original wounding is unconsciously repeated in one relationship after another in hopes for a different outcome.

Our client’s job, then, is to pull us in to recreate the early relationship trauma. Our job is to join the client on an uncharted journey toward the pain without getting caught in the reenactment.

This course centers on advanced psychodynamic concepts and techniques for using the therapist self to identify and make meaning of unconscious processes so that repair rather than re-injury occurs. Through discussion, clinical case material, and suggested readings we will attempt to unearth the meanings and potential ethical dilemmas in a variety of clinical situations, such as the therapeutic impasse, covert monetary interactions, and erotic transference and countertransference dynamics.

APA and BBS approved. Meets the continuing education ethics course requirement for mental health professionals (LEP, LPCC, MFT, LCSW).

Coming in early 2017!

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