Meg Patterson, MFT         Meg Patterson, MFT

Personality Disorders

Continuum-Based Conceptualization
and Effective Treatment

8 CEUs | Online

Accurate conceptualization is the first step toward successful treatment of personality disorders. In this psychodynamic exploration of personality disorders, participants will examine the diagnosis and treatment of patients whose psyches as very young children were profoundly wounded in relationship with another.

Pulling from psychodynamic theories, neurobiological research and clinical cases, participants will learn to conceptualize and differentiate the intrapsychic structure, defensive presentation and clinical manifestations of borderline and narcissistic disturbances.

Treatment issues explored include setting the frame, formulating therapeutic goals, identifying and utilizing typical countertransference reactions and making effective clinical interventions.

Acknowledging the deficiencies of the DSM-5 in assisting with accurate diagnosis, participants will explore other conceptual models and resources that can help assess, conceptualize and treat patients within a diagnostic continuum.

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